Indoor Games

From kids’ puzzles to classic games, there’s something for everyone. All of our products are handmade with beautiful monkey wood, creating a sustainable range of puzzles, games, and gifts.

  • Hook and Ring Toss Game

    Hook and Ring Toss

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  • sling puck

    Sling Puck

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  • Wine Bottle Puzzle

    Wine Bottle Puzzle

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  • Reversal (Pre-Order)

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  • shut the box (pre order )

    Shut the Box

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  • tabletop connect 4 ( pre order)

    Tabletop Connect 4

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  • 3D Connect Five game

    3D Connect Five

    $55.00 Details
  • Wooden 3D Tik-tac-toe game

    3D Tik-Tac-Toe

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  • 3d tik tac toe with lid

    3D Tik-Tac-Toe with Lid

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  • Wooden 6 Puzzle Game Set

    6 Puzzle Box Set

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  • Ball in Jail puzzle

    Ball in Jail

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  • Elephant Puzzle

    Elephant Puzzle

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  • Pull Elephant Toy

    Elephant Toy

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  • Jumbo Plane Puzzle

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  • Jumbo Ship Puzzle

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  • Dog Puzzle

    The Dog Puzzle

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  • The Galaxy Puzzle

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  • The Wall game

    The Wall

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  • Large wooden Tik-tac-toe game


    $49.00 Details
  • Wooden Travel Snakes and Ladders Game

    Travel Snakes and Ladders

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  • Tumbling Tower

    $49.00 Details
  • Travel Wooden Sudoku

    Wooden Sudoku

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